On November 6, the seminar on “Industrial Innovation and Start-up Support Policy” is held in the Convention and Exhibition Center, Shanghai. 

On November 7, the seminar hosted by ITA continues at the Convention and Exhibition Center. The theme of today’s seminar is “Smart City and Urbanization”. People-centred innovation, sustainability and energy. 

On November 8, the topic of the seminar is “Quality and Sustainability of Agriculture and Food Industry” to ensure food safety along the whole value chain. 

“Design, Architecture, Lifestyle” is the title of the thematic seminar held on November 9 to discuss about the essence of the Italian design and how it can approach the fast-growing Chinese market.

The theme of the seminar held on November 10 at the Convention and Exhibition Center is “Medical Health and Tourism”. A further chance to investigate the Sino-Italian medical cooperation prospect under the Belt and Road Initiative.