During the CIIE, Italian jewelry, known for its excellent quality and fine design and craftsmanship will once again present. 16 brands from different regions of Italy after rounds of careful selections will exhibit to you many artisan products in diverse styles. For example, EMIA GIOIELLI, a leader in the processing and marketing of coral treasures and pearls; DEL GATTO designs are inspired by the various shapes and infinite colors of nature;  RORU GIOIELLI is specializing in coral products, pearls and shell relievers; CONDITO GIOVANNI with the continuous pursuit of higher quality for the purpose of the enterprise; VITIELLO CAMEOS is famous for all hand-carved shellfish jewelry; GUARRACINO’s brand philosophy is “always looking forward, never forget the classic tradition; the dedication of GIOIELLI D’URZO ‘s exquisite design so as with other jewelry brands.