Italy attaches great importance to participating in China International Import Expo 2018 (CIIE). Italian government agencies, especially ITA, cooperate with various industry associations to actively organize enterprises to participate in the expo, striving to allow a large number of representative Italian SMEs grasp the brand new “China opportunity”.

During CIIE 2018, the ITA pavilions cover an area of ​​5,300 square meters and brings in the participation of over 80 small and medium-sized companies. In terms of the exhibition scale, it is one of the largest country pavilions in the expo. With the theme of “Essence and Excellence of Made in Italy”, the National Pavilion of Italy (Booth No. 5.2 C08) showcases Italy’s features in industrial manufacturing, creative design, fashion, food and other areas. The four Commercial Pavilions cover Smart & High-end Equipment (Booth No. 4.1 A1-01), Consumer Goods (Booth No. 6.1 B4-02), Healthcare (Booth No. 7.1 C1-18) as well as Food and Agricultural Products (Booth No. 7.2 A7-14), fully demonstrating the high quality, reliability, innovation and sustainability of various products produced by Italian companies, and providing ideas and solutions for the implementation of relevant projects docking China’s important national strategies as well as for the realization of new development concepts such as “innovation, coordination, green, openness, sharing” highlighted in the “13th Five-Year Plan”.

Italian Pavilion of Consumer Goods with the largest number of exhibitors will use the unified image logo. The exhibitors will display their own clothing, jewelry, leather, fur and other products. New-generation healthcare technology and machinery companies, whose number is just next to the number of consumer goods companies, will allow visitors to fully feel the high level of technology achieved by the Italian industry in these areas. The delicately selected agricultural products and high-quality handmade products companies are capable of meeting the rising needs of Chinese consumers.