5 Nov-10 Nov 2021 During CIIE 2021, the Italian Trade Agency together with Federorafi presented the beauty of Italian Jewelry to the Chinese public. This is the fourth time for the Italian Jewelry brands to showcase collectively in CIIE with the support of ITA. “The Extraordinary Italian Jewelry” pavilion is located in the Hall 6.2 of the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Hongqiao, with an exhibition area of more than 300m2,16 Italian brands from different districts narrate their extravagant products to the Chinese audience.

According to the data of Federorafi, the jewelry industry is the industry with the highest trade balance among the “Made in Italy” fashion sector. The principal jewelry manufacturing districts in Italy are located in the provinces of Vicenza, Arezzo and Alessandria. These three districts are responsible for more than 85% of the sector’s exports. Other important production areas are in Ancona/Macerata, Milan, Padua, Rome, Palermo, Torre del Greco/Naples, etc..85% of national production is exported worldwide.

The strength of Italian Jewelry is its high design and quality content and outstanding innovation capabilities. A complete production process, which includes industries upward and downward the manufacturing process; prestigious and leading international trade exhibitions; training centres specialized in the goldsmith and silversmith sector, etc.. The ability to provide a rapid response to market’s requests and a high level of internationalization of all companies active in the sector. It is a goldsmithing tradition rooted in the territory, which provides a specialized workforce.

8 brands presented in this year’s CIIE are from southern Italy and to be precisely from Torre del Greco/Naples, this district is famous for the production of Italian creative jewelry mainly centered around a massive use of Sea Coral, shell cameo and pearls which are combined with gold and silver and other stones in an exclusive jewelry trend that traces its start back to the very beginning of the nineteenth century A.C.

The brand mix on stage of the companies from Torre del Greco ranges from Cameo Italiano, brand that puts design at the centre of their shell-based creations, spreading the beauty and history of the cameo all over the world. Condito Giovanni, a brand in continuous search for pearls and precious stones in order to satisfy the demand with quality and raise their brand competitiveness. Founded at the end of the 19th Century, the Del Gatto company has been in the shell cameo and coral art since five generations. The fruitful result of the merger between the historic companies ALDO RUGGIERO and GIOVANNI APA RORU Gioielli, continues the tradition of excellence in quality and craftsmanship of exquisite coral jewelry, pearls and cameos. EMIA Gioielli has origins since the early 1800s, founded by the historic Neapolitan Noble family, and now become a leader in the processing and sale of pearls, corals, gold and precious gems. Gioielli D’urzo dedicated itself to the creation of particular and refined jewels since its inception. All the cameos of Vitiello Cameos are totally hand carved and made only from high quality shells. Likewise remarkable is Guarracino Coralli with its brand philosophy: always look forward, never forgetting their ancient tradition.

Other brands paraded are from the major jewelry manufacturing districts in Italy with their distinctive characteristics. Mattioli owes its success to the most celebrated masterful goldsmithing tradition of Torino that has been carried forward and improved with the introduction of the most advanced techniques. Mattioli achieved an extraordinary success in their home country and at selected jewelers all over the world, where the Mattioli brand name is synonymous with Italian excellence and elegance. With over 60 years of TRADITION and the right amount of technology and craftmanship, Stella Milano produce resistant, hand-finished and quality controlled jewelry. Thanks to the passion of the Leonori for the perfection and to its presence in the sector for more than half a century, each stone is a unique and wonderful piece due to its color, its cut, its carat and its purity. Rosmundo with each of its piece crafted entirely by hand, their signature and unique figurative honeycomb invented by the Master Rosmundo is really impressive. As the official supplier of Real Casa di Borbone delle Due Sicilie, Generoso crafts magnificent jewelry using precious gems and some of them are unique piece in the world. Fratelli Bovo with their innovation of the technology SLM (Selective Laser Melting) is able to create Jewelry in unthinkable shape and weight thus freeing the creativity of the designs previously considered impossible to achieve. Since four generations ago (since 1896), the Russo family is known as an expression of superior craftsmanship and high design, today Russo Cammei continues to grow by specializing in more and more refined frames. Sanna Gioielli is characterized by the wise use of coral, finely worked with the heartfelt knowledge of its charismatic nature, in exclusive compositions in gold and precious stones of suggestive beauty.

“We are glad that in the first 10 month of 2021 Italy exports 956 million Euro value of Jewelry products to China and it’s China’s second largest jewelry trading partner” – states Augusto Di Giacinto, the Director of ITA Shanghai office – “Despite the pandemic situation, the Italian Jewelry participates again at the CIIE for the fourth time with precious and extraordinary offer of Italian products strongly representative of the main Made in Italy Jewelry offer”.

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