The China International Import Expo (CIIE) does not stop: everything is ready for the third edition of the important event organized by the Chinese authorities to seal the consolidation of economic cooperation and global trade. The event will be held from November 5th to November 10th 2020 and will be attended by more than 80 Italian companies, promoted by the Italian Trade Agency of Shanghai. 

Shanghai, November 5th 2020The China International Import Expo (CIIE) is the event promoted by the Ministry of Foreign Trade (MOFCOM) of the PRC under the patronage of President Xi Jinping and organized by the CIIE Bureau in cooperation with the trade fair organisation National Exhibition and Convention Centre (NECC) of Shanghai. It is the first international trade fair based in China focused on the import of goods and services in every industry, and for this reason it plays a strategic role in the expansion of the business of Italian companies in the Chinese market.

Since the first edition of the event, ICE/ITA has promoted the attendance of the best representatives of the “Made in Italy”, making Italy one of the guests of honour of the CIIE as a strategic business partner of the People’s Republic of China. For the third edition, the Italian trade companies attending the event will mainly be in the business of luxury goods, jewelry, food, services, innovative technologies and in the health industry. A total of more than 80 Italian companies will participate in the event, of which 24 will be accommodated in the pavilions managed directly by the Italian Trade Agency of Shanghai.

As in the two previous editions, also in the 2020 edition, there will be industry-specific pavilions, with all the exceptional security measures required by the Coronavirus emergency. This year in particular, ICE/ITA has planned to set up two Italian pavilions covering a total area of approximately 500 sqm. The pavilions will be set up specifically for the gold-jewelry and for the medical industries and will host 13 and 11 Italian companies respectively. The focus on these two sectors is driven by the strong desire to create a strategic economic collaboration between Italy and China, starting from the main consumer trends of the Chinese market in order to effectively promote the Italian offer.

The pavilion for the gold-jewelry industry, set up in collaboration with Confindustria Federorafi, will cover an exhibition area of over 300 sqm, with modules reserved to each company and a common institutional space that will host a lounge area and a service and information center. The offer of the 13 companies involved, which represent different Italian gold districts, is highly attractive for Chinese import. In fact, there has been a growing demand for Italian jewelry products in China, and since 2019 Italy has been the major exporter of such goods to the PRC, accounting for more than one fifth of the country’s total imports in this market segment. 

Italian Jewelry Pavilion

The pavilion for the medical equipment & healthcare products industry will involve 11 Italian manufacturers of medical devices, pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals, with a strong focus on research and technological innovation. The exhibition space will cover 225 sqm and will offer a lounge and business center facilities to the Italian exhibiting companies. From a macro perspective, medical device market in China is expected to continue its robust growth driven by positive factors from demand, supply ad regulation side. Despite already be a net exporter of medical devices, China still rely more on import for high value diagnostic and therapeutic equipment. Besides high-value consumable and several other segment can still be attractive for Italian companies to enter Chinese market.

Italian Medical Pavilion

In addition to these two pavilions, the area reserved for cultural exhibitions of different countries will also include the Italian Cultural Heritage Pavilion, focused on the promotion of the UNESCO cultural heritage of the “Bel Paese”. To this end, the pavilion will host an interactive exhibition that was designed specifically for the CIIE 2020 and that will cover the 55 UNESCO sites in the Italian territory. 

Italian Medical Pavilion

Advertising campaigns targeting the main Chinese digital channels, as well as interviews and live streaming, led by different Key Opinion Leaders and published on the main Chinese social networks (such as WeChat e Weibo) and on the CIIE Portal, are planned for all pavilions and for all the promotional activities in place.

To promote further Italy and its beauties, ICE/ITA has also contributed to the creation of an Online Country Pavilion, available on the CIIE 2020 official website. This virtual pavilion will serve as an online showcase of the Bel Paese through the uploading of visual elements such as photographs and videos. 

A seminar focusing on the medical industry, the result of a cooperation between the Jiao Tong University and the Italian Consulate in Shanghai, is scheduled on November 6th. The seminar, titled China-Italy for Health: what works, what next, aims at emphasizing and strengthening some specific areas of health research that can lead to an intensified collaboration between Italian and Chinese research centres of excellence to evaluate the technological opportunities of advanced diagnostics  (e-health) and integrated care for the elderly. Prominent speakers from China and Italy will provide their valuable contributions in the different sections. 80 offline and 5000 online participants. are expected. The seminar will be taking place at Cordis Shanghai Hongqiao Hotel. 

Finally, two important agreements are due to be signed at the Trade Fair on November 6th: a cooperation agreement for the promotion of Italian agribusiness between ICE/ITA and Carrefour, and an agreement between ICE/ITA and Sumec ITC for the promotion of the Italian offer in the mechanical engineering segment in China. Both the agreements will be signed before the Consul-General of Italy in Shanghai, Mr. Michele Cecchi, and will seal the commitment towards the promotion and internationalisation of the “Made in Italy” in two of the most important market segments for the Italian export.

Finally, also on November 6th, in Hall 7.2 of the NECC fair exhibition centre, Italy will have the opportunity to present its strengths and economically attractive factors to an audience of local investors and business operators at an Investment Promotion Conference organised by the Invest Shanghai Group in cooperation with the Bank of China.