The Italian manufacturing industry has accumulated a solid industrial base in the traditional manufacturing field. The Italian exports account for more than one-third of the total. It is from the field of mechanical technology, and has also been leading the world in the automation industry and the machine tool industry.

At the China International Import Expo High-end Intelligent Equipment Exhibition Hall (Booth No. 4.1 A1-01), representatives of Italian companies showed the world’s cutting-edge innovation, technology and sustainable development strategies.

As follow, some italian enterprise at CIIE
Remote control system AUTEC Srl,
Industrial automation experts Automata S.p.A and ESA S.p.A.
Lighting Technology and Products GEWISS SPA
Motor Control and Energy Distribution Contactor GHISALB S.p.A.
Industrial and residential thermal energy production systems ICI Caldaie
Automation Industry Sensors M.D. Micro Detectors SpA
Lathe manufacturing system Pietro Carnaghi SPA
Sheet metal machinery Prima Power
Safety sensor safety equipment ReeR SpA
Interface measuring equipment photoelectric light curtain SINAPSI SRL