Carioca is the producer of coloring, writing and drawing articles and this year is at the second CIIE 2019 with the Chinese M&G Group, leader in the stationary industry, with which the company has recently built a commercial partnership. Enrico Toledo, President and CEO of the brand affirms the willingness of participating also to the next edition. 

Igor Viteznik, International Regional Manager at Bolton Group, for Manetti & Roberts company is at the Expo promoting for the second time at the CIIE Acqua delle Rose brand, active in the personal care industry. 



As Asia Vice-President at Artsana and Chicco, the worldwide Master Brand Cross Category in the baby care industry, Steve Colombo reminds of the presence of the company at the first and previous  China International Import Expo and stresses sectoral affinities between the Chinese and the Italian markets. 

Among the exponents of the lifestyle sector, also Regione Puglia with 28 brands representative of the region in the food, wine, cosmetics and fashion industries.