From November 5 to 10, the second edition of the China International Import Expo will be held in Shanghai. The event represents a confirmation of the willingness of China to open its doors toward international markets and cross-border imports. 

This year, the CIIE will be even larger in terms of physical spaces. Indeed, the exhibition area will exceed 300,000 squared meters and more than 3,000 brands from 150 Countries will display their products. 

The CIIE is the first international exhibition specifically focused on imports, and it is aimed at creating new business opportunities to foreign companies in the Chinese market. This, reflects the propensity of China to open and welcome international players and its inclination to foster cooperation and mutual benefits in the international panorama. 

Moreover, the Shanghai Expo perfectly fits into the ‘New Normal’ in Chinese economic development. The latter, indeed, stresses the idea that China is pursuing a slower pace economic growth, to include measures directed to a more sustainable development into its agendas. The CIIE, in these terms, well respond to the need of satisfying internal demand by supplying international goods. 

Hereby, the China International Import Expo is a tangible opportunity, both for China and for international firms: Chinese consumers are always more willing to purchase international goods, mostly when they are perceived of an extremely high quality, as it is the case for Italian products. 

Indeed, the label ‘Made In Italy’ in China is a synonym of added value, technology and craftsmanship and as a proof, with the first edition of the CIIE several Italian brands of different sector of activity have managed to step into local marketplaces and to sign partnerships with local players to establish solid sales networks.