According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of the People’s Republic of China, the Chinese agricultural products commercial deficit increased by the 13% during the first eight months of 2019. This means that agricultural imports toward China have fostered and Chinese exports have diminished. 

The trade deficit, on the time period from January to August, was equal to 48,31 billions USD. In particular, imports reached 97,94 billions USD, in increase of 4,5% with respect to 2018, while exports plummeted at 44,63 billions USD, by a 2,7% decrease. On the same time range, the total Chinese trade from agricultural products raised by 1,9% year on year and reached 147,56 billions USD. 

Imported agricultural products from Italy to China that have registered a dramatic increase in the time period 2014-2018 are namely: 

  • soup +71%, 
  • mushrooms and truffles +65%,
  • ice-cream +58%,
  • yeasts +58%,
  • malt +56%,
  • yogurt +43%,
  • fruit jams and similar +26%,
  • aromatized wines +23%, 
  • cheese and curd +21%,
  • sweet confectionary +21%,
  • vegetable juices and extracts +20%,
  • sauces and condiments +20%,
  • coffee and similar +19%,
  • pasta +12%,  
  • prepared and preserved tomatoes +10%,
  • extra virgin olive oil +6%,
  • vegetables in vinegar +6%,
  • fish and caviar +5%,
  • vinegar +3%. 

Internationalization opportunities for the Made In Italy in the food and agricultural sector are numerous and tangibles. Among these, trade fairs and the forthcoming China International Import Expo (CIIE) are included. The latter, close to its second edition, will be held in Shanghai from November 5 to 10.